Self Esteem

Low self esteem can stem from negative childhood or present day experiences and develops over time, often turning into a self perpetuating viscious circle of thought, feeling and action. It affects people in all financial, educational and social levels of society. Healthy self esteem stems from being valued, appreciated and accepted as you are. This means that:

  • that you do not have to be perfect at all times
  • that you can accept criticism without feeling that it threatens your whole being
  • that you can afford to take risks and experiment in life because ‘failing’ is not a crime
  • that you can accept compliments naturally and graciously.

In this way you become a much more resilient and flexible person who can relax and enjoy life.

Feeling good about yourself is neither selfish, arrogant nor wrong!

If your childhood or more recent past experiences have been really negative it may be helpful first to revisit them in a contained and focussed way, in order to put them into a different perspective, through some Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.

This will free you up to move forwards, using specific, practical strategies from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Breathing and Relaxation Techniques.

Or else, if you are fundamentally in a functioning position and just want to improve certain aspects of your life, you prefer may prefer a Coaching approach from the start.

If you would like to discuss your needs with me in a free 15 minute telephone conversation please ring me on either: 01483 767018 or 07796 698097 to fix a time. Alternatively, please contact me via email.

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