Depression and Low Mood

Most of us have experienced feeling down at one point, possibly as a result of a disappointment or a setback and many of us have also experienced overwhelming grief as a result of a loss. Both of these are natural responses to the situation; even when intense, these feelings come and go and do eventually diminish so that we are able to carry on with our life.

The low mood of depression, however, is more unrelenting and needs to be actively counteracted, preferably with the expertise of a professional therapist. Medication, under the guidance of your GP, can also be very helpful and generally does not prevent therapy from being successful.

I can help you to:

  • Identify your negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones
  • Regain your positive energy
  • Set achievable goals which will make you feel good
  • Look forwards rather than backwards
  • Have the courage to face your fears
  • Start valuing yourself and allowing yourself to enjoy life

Are you suffering from any of these typical symptoms of depression?

Physical: constant feeling of tiredness, numbness, loss of appetite or ‘comfort eating’, disturbed sleep pattern

Mental: loss of motivation or interest in life, sluggish thinking, bad memory, repetitive negative views

Emotional: shut-down feelings, difficulty in connecting emotionally with others, feeling alone, misunderstood, despairing

Behavioural: lack of energy, reduced physical exercise, reduced social interaction

If you would like to discuss your needs with me in a free 15 minute telephone conversation please ring me on either: 01483 767018 or 07796 698097 to fix a time. Alternatively, please contact me via email.

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